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Publications 2013

  • Ekici S, Jiang X, Koch HG, Daldal F: Missense mutations in cytochrome c maturation genes provide new insights into Rhodobacter capsulatus cbb3-type cytochrome c oxidase biogenesis. J Bacteriol, 2013; 195 (2) : 261-269:
  • Kudva R, Denks K, Kuhn P, Vogt A, Muller M, Koch HG: Protein translocation across the inner membrane of Gram-negative bacteria: the Sec and Tat dependent protein transport pathways. Res Microbiol, 2013; 164 (6) : 505-534:
  • Sachelaru I, Petriman NA, Kudva R, Kuhn P, Welte T, Knapp B, Drepper F, Warscheid B, Koch HG: YidC occupies the lateral gate of the SecYEG translocon and is sequentially displaced by a nascent membrane protein. J Biol Chem, 2013; 288 (23) : 16295-16307:
  • Koch HG: Keine Pause bei Prolinen: Wie der Elongationsfaktor EF-P die Proteinsynthese rettet Biospektrum, 2013; 3 (13) : 13-13
  • Kuhn P, Kudva R, Welte T, Sturm L, Koch HG: Targeting and integration of bacterial membrane proteins. In: Remaut H,,Franzes R (Hrsg): Bacterial membranes: Structural an Molecular Biology Horizon Press, 2013