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Publications 2021

  • Tsypik, O., Makitrynskyy, R., Yan, X., Koch, H.-G., Paulutat, T. and Bechthold, A (2021) Regulatory control of Rishirilide(s) biosynthesis in Streptomyces bottropensis. Microorganisms 9(2):374
  • Steimle, S., van Euwen, T., Öztürk, Y., Kim, H.J., Braitbard, M., Selamoglu, N., Garcia, B.A., Schneidman-Duhovny, D., Murakami, K., Daldal, F. (2021) Cryo-EM structures of engineered active bc1-cbb3 type CIII2CIV super-complexes and electronic communication between the complexes. Nature Commun. 12(1), 929.
  • Steenhuis, M., Konigstein, G.M., Oswald, J., Pick, T., O`Keefe, S., Koch, H.-G., Cavalie, A., Whitehead, R.C., Swanton, E., High, S. and Luirink, J. (2021) Eeyarestatin 24 impairs SecYEG-dependent protein trafficking and inhibits growth of clinically relevant pathogens. Mol. Microbiology 115, 28-40, doi: 10.1111/mmi.14589
  • Steinberg, R. and Koch, H.-G. (2021) The largely unexplored biology of small proteins in pro- and eukaryotes. FEBS J. in press
  • Oswald, J., Njenga, R., Natriashvili, A., Sarmah, P., and Koch, H.-G. (2021) The dynamic Sec translocon. Frontiers Mol. Biosciences, in press
  • Landwehr, V., Milanov, M., Angebauer, L., Jüngert, G., Hiersemenzel, A., Schmitt, F., Jiang, H. Öztürk, Y., Dannenmeier, S., Drepper, F., Warscheid, B. and Koch. H.-G. (2021). The universally conserved ATPase YchF regulates the translation of leaderless mRNAs in response to stress conditions. Front. Mol. Biosciences in press.