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Publications 2012

  • Ekici S, Yang H, Koch HG, Daldal F: Novel transporter required for biogenesis of cbb3-type cytochrome c oxidase in Rhodobacter capsulatus. Mbio, 2012; 3 (1) : 1-11:
  • Lohmeyer E, Schroder S, Pawlik G, Trasnea PI, Peters A, Daldal F, Koch HG: The ScoI homologue SenC is a copper binding protein that interacts directly with the cbb(3)-type cytochrome oxidase in Rhodobacter capsulatus. Bba-bioenergetics, 2012; 1817 (11) : 2005-2015:
  • Welte T, Kudva R, Kuhn P, Sturm L, Braig D, Muller M, Warscheid B, Drepper F, Koch HG: Promiscuous targeting of polytopic membrane proteins to SecYEG or YidC by the Escherichia coli signal recognition particle. Mol Biol Cell, 2012; 23 (3) : 464-479:
  • Wenk M, Ba Q, Erichsen V, Macinnes K, Wiese H, Warscheid B, Koch HG: A Universally Conserved ATPase Regulates the Oxidative Stress Response in Escherichia coli. J Biol Chem, 2012; 287 (52) : 43585-43598: