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Publications 2019

  • Simunovic, F., Winninger, O., Strassburg, S., Koch, H.-G., Finkenzeller, G., Stark, B.G. and Lampert, F. (2019). Increased differentiation and production of extracellular matrix components of priamry human osteoblasts after co-cultivation with endothelial cells: A quantitative proteomics approach. J. Cellular Biochem. 120(1):396-404.
  • Utz, M. Andrei, A., Milanov, M., Trasnea, PI, Marckmann, D., Daldal, F., Koch, H.-G. (2019) The Cu chaperone CopZ is required for Cu homeostasis in Rhodobacter capsulatus and influences cytochrome cbb3 oxidase assembly. Mol Microbiology 111(3):764-783.
  • Zhang, Y., Blaby-Haas, C.E., Steimle, S., Verissimo, A.F., Garcia-Angulo, V., Koch, H.G., Daldal, F., Khalfaoui-Hassani, B (2019) Cu Transport by the Extended Family of CcoA-like Transporters (CalT) in Proteobacteria. Scientific reports 9:1208
  • Knüpffer, L., Fehrenbach, C., Denks, K., Erichsen, V., Petriman, N.A., Koch, H.-G. (2019) Molecular mimicry of SecA and signal recognition particle binding to the bacterial ribosome. mBio 10, e01317-19
  • Marckmann, D., Trasnea, P.I, Schimpf, J., Winterstein, C., Andrei, A., Schmollinger, S., Blaby-Haas, C.E., Friedrich, T., Daldal, F., Koch, H.-G. (2019) The cbb3-type cytochrome oxidase assembly factor CcoG is a widely distributed cupric reductase. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 116, 21166-21175
  • Jauss, B., Petriman, N.A., Drepper, F., Franz, L. Steinberg, R., Warscheid, B. Koch, H.-G, (2019) Non-competitive binding of PpiD and YidC to the SecYEG translocon expands the global view on the SecYEG interactome in E. coli. J. Biol. Chem. 294, 19167-19183
  • Origi, A., Natriashvili, A., Knüpffer, L., Fehrenbach, C., Denks, K., Asti, R., Koch, H.-G. (2019) Yet another role for the bacterial ribosome. Microbial Cell 6, 524-526