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Publications 2009

  • Berndt U, Oellerer S, Zhang Y, Johnson AE, Rospert S: A signal-anchor sequence stimulates signal recognition particle binding to ribosomes from inside the exit tunnel. P Natl Acad Sci Usa, 2009; 106 (5) : 1398-1403:

  • Milenkovic D, Ramming T, Muller JM, Wenz LS, Gebert N, Schulze-Specking A, Stojanovski D, Rospert S, Chacinska A: Identification of the signal directing Tim9 and Tim10 into the intermembrane space of mitochondria. Mol Biol Cell, 2009; 20 (10) : 2530-2539:
  • von Plehwe U, Berndt U, Conz C, Chiabudini M, Fitzke E, Sickmann A, Petersen A, Pfeifer D, Rospert S: The Hsp70 homolog Ssb is essential for glucose sensing via the SNF1 kinase network. Gene Dev, 2009; 23 (17) : 2102-2115: