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Publications 2009

  • Holzapfel E, Moser M, Schiltz E, Ueda T, Betton JM, Muller M: Twin-arginine-dependent translocation of SufI in the absence of cytosolic helper proteins. Biochemistry-us, 2009; 48 (23) : 5096-5105:
  •  Maurer C, Panahandeh S, Moser M, Muller M: Impairment of twin-arginine-dependent export by seemingly small alterations of substrate conformation. Febs Lett, 2009; 583 (17) : 2849-2853:
  • Panahandeh S, Holzapfel E, Muller M: The Twin-arginine Translocation Pathway.. In: Bacterial Secreted Proteins Caister Academic Press, 2009