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Publications 2014


  • Chiabudini M, Tais A, Zhang Y, Hayashi S, Wolfle T, Fitzke E, Rospert S: Release factor eRF3 mediates premature translation termination on polylysine-stalled ribosomes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Mol Cell Biol, 2014; 34 (21) : 4062-4076:
  • Ieva R, Schrempp SG, Opalinski L, Wollweber F, Hoss P, Heisswolf AK, Gebert M, Zhang Y, Guiard B, Rospert S, Becker T, Chacinska A, Pfanner N, van der Laan M: Mgr2 functions as lateral gatekeeper for preprotein sorting in the mitochondrial inner membrane. Mol Cell, 2014; 56 (5) : 641-652:
  • Karamyshev AL, Patrick AE, Karamysheva ZN, Griesemer DS, Hudson H, Tjon-Kon-Sang S, Nilsson I, Otto H, Liu Q, Rospert S, von Heijne G, Johnson AE, Thomas PJ: Inefficient SRP interaction with a nascent chain triggers a mRNA quality control pathway. Cell, 2014; 156 (1-2) : 146-157: