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Publications 2010

  • Benedix J, Lajoie P, Jaiswal H, Burgard C, Greiner M, Zimmermann R, Rospert S, Snapp EL, Dudek J: BiP modulates the affinity of its co-chaperone ERj1 for ribosomes. J Biol Chem, 2010; 285 (47) : 36427-36433:

  • Rehling P, Rospert S: Molecular chaperones and intracellular protein transport. Bba-mol Cell Res, 2010; 1803 (6) : 639-640:
  • Richly H, Rocha-Viegas L, Ribeiro JD, Demajo S, Gundem G, Lopez-Bigas N, Nakagawa T, Rospert S, Ito T, Di Croce L: Transcriptional activation of polycomb-repressed genes by ZRF1. Nature, 2010; 468 (7327) : 1124-1128:
  • Weeks SA, Shield WP, Sahi C, Craig EA, Rospert S, Miller DJ: A targeted analysis of cellular chaperones reveals contrasting roles for heat shock protein 70 in flock house virus RNA replication. J Virol, 2010; 84 (1) : 330-339: