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Prof. Dr. N. Pfanner
(Executive Director Institute of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Director of Biochemistry I) investigates the mechanisms of protein sorting and folding in the cell, in particular the targeting and assembly of mitochondrial proteins.
Prof. Dr. S. Rospert
(Director of Biochemistry II) identifies and characterizes proteins associating with ribosoms and investigates their interactions with newly synthesized polypeptide chains.
Prof. Dr. C. Hunte
Structure, mechanism and function of membrane proteins involved in ion transport and cellular respiration and their interaction with signalling pathways
Prof. Dr. H.-G. Koch
investigates the insertion and assembly of membrane proteins and studies the cellular stress response.
Prof. Dr. C. Kraft
investigates the molecular machinery of autophagy, the cellular waste disposal system.
Prof. Dr. C. Meisinger
Investigates various topics of mitochondrial biogenesis and function in health and disease with a focus on signalling processes, protein transport mechanisms and organellar and suborganellar proteomics.
Prof. Dr. M. Müller
studies the mechanism of transport of proteins across and insertion into membranes.
Prof. Dr. N. Wiedemann
characterizes sorting of proteins in the mitochondrial outer membrane and essential mitochondrial proteins.
PD Dr. T. Becker
investigates the sorting and assembly machinery of the mitochondrial outer membrane.
Dr. F. Edlich
investigates mitochondrial apoptosis regulation by conformational changes in Bcl-2 proteins.
Dr. H. Rampelt
investigates protein complexes that control the architecture of the inner mitochondrial membrane.
Dr. N. Vögtle
investigates the role of the mitochondrial presequence proteases under physiological and pathophysiological conditions.
Prof. (em.) Dr. R. Brandsch
investigates two topics: * the biogenesis of covalently flavinylated enzymes and their role as autoantigens in humans, * the regulation of expression and the function of molybdopterin cofactor biosynthetic enzymes on catabolic plasmids.
Prof. (em.) Dr. K. Decker
studies the 3D-structure of a bacterial flavoprotein.
Prof. (em.) Dr. P.C. Heinrich
Mechanisms and regulation of signal transduction via the JAK-STAT pathway mediated by inflammatory cytokines