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Our Research Activities and research Funding


Our work is focused on protein transport and protein assembly mechanisms in bacterial cells.  Bacteria like eukaryotic cells have to export a large subset of the cytosolically synthesized proteins into the inner membrane, the periplasmic space, the outer membrane or the extracellular space. To achieve this, bacteria have developed highly specific and highly sophisticated protein transport machineries. Some of these pathways are found in bacteria only and are crucial determinants for bacterial pathogenicity; other pathways were originally “invented” by prokaryotes but have been conserved also in higher eukaryotes. Therefore bacteria are perfect model organisms for studying the molecular details of these essential processes.

Our work is currently funded by the following programs:


  1. DFG-Forschergruppe 929 “Dynamics of bacterial membrane proteins”
  2. DFG-Forschergruppe 967 “Ligands of the ribosomal exit tunnel”
  3. International Graduate School (GRK 1478)  “Membranes and Membrane proteins
  4. German-French-University “Membranes and Membrane proteins”


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